You may decide to walk past thinking that Prandium has little to offer. You'll be wrong! VERY wrong!! Prandium of Southwold, despite looking a little uninspired, has creative food, large portions and is phenomenal value for money in a town like Southwold. Sometimes image conscious people should give this a go. All that look swish, does not always deliver. 

The best breakfasts in Southwold. Brilliant day time food such as the awsome stilton burger. Brilliant daily splecials, Fich & chips, Chilli con carne and an array of wonderful sandwiches & salads. Fully licensed for the sale of beer, wine & spirits. 
When visiting Prandium of Southwold you have to remember that the owner is an individual who defies convention. There is a quirky feel to the place. Truly independent, non conformist, light hearted & humorous but never dull. The food is of the highest standard.
Don't judge a book by it's cover, you'll get the wrong story!


...proud to be different and independent.

Prandium is a food destination, NOT a last resort.

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