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No chance whatsoever of being open or moving in the near future. However, I will keep up standards. I'm available for PROFESSIONAL DEEP CLEANS  for anyone who needs them. 

To talk to me about this please go to the SIGN UP page and fill out the form & I'll get in touch.

When you've walked up & down the seafront at Southwold, along the high street, concluding that you're bored of what's on offer. You need to look a bit closer.
You Probably walked straight past Prandium of Southwold, thinking it was a bit not Southwold. The name was memorable because you either couldn't pronounce it or it meant nothing to you?? 
Well the name is a little different, as is the owner. The name does not summon up any visual clues to what the food is like. The name is just LATIN for lunch, not complicated really. The same can be said of the interior. The food is quite simple looking on the menu but when it arrives on your table you'll be surprised. You should never judge a book by it's cover. Talking of books, Prandium is situated directly opposite the former home of (Erir Arthur Blair) better known as George Orwell, Author of such classics as 1984, Animal Farm & Down and out in Paris.
There is nothing down and out about the food at Prandium. 
Great value, very good portions & presented to the highest of standards. Breakfast (the best in Southwold) Lunch & evening food. Fully licensed. 

All kinds of foods for you because you're all individual and unique 

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