Prandium of Southwold COVID19

During the current COVID19 pandemic please ensure you do your best to wash your hands as soon possible. Do this OFTEN. Try not to touch your face, we all know it's hard. 

Things have changed dramaticall over the past few weeks. COVID19 (coronavirus) is going to affect everyone. 

Prandium is also affected but I have come up with a plan to keep offering my services to YOU the customer. I can offer limited food deliveries for those in need or private chef service.


Being ex-military I am & having worked in catering for a number of years I know a thing or two about cleaning. I have always adhered to high standards of cleanliness. 


You can be assured that during the current COVID19 pandemic I will be taking all steps required to reduce cross contamination & infection of food from every source. 


You can check all food establisments ratings.food.gov.uk


I also came across a website that gives local food rating, you may or may not find this helpful southwoldrestaurants.co.uk 


I can also provide a professional DEEP CLEAN service for anyone who needs it.



Prandium of Southwold is #5hygienerated and have been ever since opening in 2017.


I have a level 3 food hygiene certificate City & Guilds

basic hygiene certificate


COSHH in food enviroment 


Cyber security

Fire Safety Training


Same great food and service but at your holiday cottage in Southwold, Walberswick or other locations.

In 2020 Prandium is also going to be operating in London. 

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