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Prandium is now using its website for the good of EVERYONE in Southwold & Reydon community. Please share the 
information with friends & family DURING THE COVID19 Pandemic. 
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Prandium of Southwold is like many other businesses right now. We could all be facing finacial ruin. Let's hope not. I am determind to survive through this tough COVID19 pandemic. I have worked hard for three years in Southwold and have become the top rated restaurant on TripAdvisor. I'm going to work just as vigorously to keep my business afloat & come through this. I want to HELP YOU TO STAY CONNECTED & SAFE




My personality is not to the taste of everyone, my food, probably is? 

Don't come here for coffee alone, it's bad. Hence being advertised as CRAPpucino. (Should you require gourment coffee I'll recomend several other venues in Southwold) I'm here to do food.


Prandium of Southwold was recently voted the 3rd best restaurant in


Source: www.suffolkbusiness.co.uk)

Prandium of Southwold is proud, to now have a certicficate of excellence 2019, from TripAdvisor.

Hygiene Level 3 qualified

  first Inspected 27 06 2017

 recent inspection 27 06 2019


Food for food lovers. No bull, no nonsense just high standards.

Number one for all kinds of food in Southwold. Number one for service in Southwold. Fantastic seafood and rubbish coffee, deliberately so!!!!

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