Come in and enjoy my food...'ll be glad you did
 Come in and enjoy my'll be glad you did

Prandium of Southwold is relocating in APRIL 2020

In April 2020 Prandium of Southwold is relocating due to the greed of the marketting agents & landlords. Spiralling costs make staing in Southwold a rediculous option. In the meantime you can enjoy excellent food. 


Booking and a deposit are required 07746638299


Due to a spate of malicious bookings a non-refundable deposit is required for evening bookings, payable in advance. £15 per person, in advance of the date requested. This will be deducted from your bill.


You can book a fine dining evening at Prandium of Southwold.  

3 set courses

You can also arrange a fine dining booking for



Small parties

For your own experience you'll need to book well in advance


All you need for food in Southwold

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